Business Opportunities

The Energy Technology Centre (ETC) provides a range of both funded and part funded support services for businesses in Yorkshire and the Humber across a range of commercial business, energy and environmental services.

Our aim is to support and develop business growth within the Yorkshire and Humber region and offers companies wide ranging support projects focused on sustainable business development and job creation.

The facilities and business support services offered by the ETC include energy and environmental projects aimed at the development of efficiencies within an organisation. A comprehensive range of services to assist your business in tendering for major contracts is also available.

Environmental Management Plans

These documents provide the management framework for those businesses who may wish to complete ISO 14001 accreditation. The EMP is also suitable as an environmental framework for any business needing to support tenders or contract bids with environmental accreditation.

Energy Assessment & Thermography Audit

These projects review a business' use of energy and waste materials - presenting a cost-benefit analysis which underpins recommended cost savings to the business. Thermal Image photography is also included to improve understanding of business premises heating and insulation.

Sustainable Technology Feasibility Studies

These are technical projects where the ETC delivers a feasibility study for companies looking to invest in sustainable/renewable technologies as a means of providing energy to their businesses. A cost-benefit analysis and return on invest forecast is produced to support this work.

Environmental Policies

The ETC produces an Environmental Policy, bespoke to each business. The policy demonstrates a company's working practices and attitudes towards the environmental impact of its business practices.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policies

The ETC produces CSR policies for companies. These policies are a business’ commitment to its community and employees. This often includes working examples of companies and employees' support and participation in community projects, sporting activities, educational support and charity support activities.

Industrial Symbiosis

The ETC has developed a platform to encourage and introduce a theme of symbiosis between its network and client organisations. We seek to add value to client organisations through the introduction of client companies and to promote examples of one company's waste product being another’s raw material.

Business Consulting

In addition to environmental consultancy work, the ETC also offers business consultancy in areas such as business development and marketing. We deliver services aimed at supporting an organisation's growth.